Welcome to ‘My Ph.D. Story’!


Hello! Welcome to My Ph.D. Story.

At My Ph.D. Story, we aim to share real stories of the ups and downs of the graduate school experience, partly in an effort to promote mental health awareness in academia. We hope that through this platform, we can create a sense of camaraderie among the community of future, current, and past graduate students, and most importantly–to remind each other that we are not alone in this journey.

As you know, getting a Ph.D. is a life-transforming journey, and 5-7 years is a significant chunk of your life dedicated to a single aim. During this time, we all face challenges, as well as moments of happiness. Problems may arise in the form of a bad work environment or a personal life situation–we would like to be inclusive of each person’s unique challenge. We also are open to hear stories of a “perfect” Ph.D. (if that exists, of course), so that we can all learn about what things might ease the difficult graduate school years. By sharing these moments of challenge/joy, we can create awareness of mental health issues common in academics, support each other so that we may cope and thrive in our academic and personal lives, and provide a perspective of the diverse situations that arise for graduate students.

On our blog and Instagram pages, we will be posting weekly stories from present or past graduate students sharing a challenging moment, along with a joyful moment of their Ph.D. experience. On Mondays, look out for “Challenge” stories; we’ll end the week by sharing “Happiness” stories on Fridays (a great start to the weekend, right?). Before we jump into stories, we (Lena and Vaishali) will introduce ourselves in the coming days, and begin over the next few weeks by sharing our own stories. In the future, we hope to continue sharing stories on a weekly basis, as well as sharing articles about graduate school life, mental health resources, and anything else we think you might enjoy!

If you’d like to share your own story, you can access and submit our Google Form at any time! We will get in contact with you prior to sharing your story on our social media accounts. If you intend to remain anonymous (which you absolutely may!), know that your personal information will never be made public.

So please share “My Ph.D. Story” with your friends, and follow us on Instagram @myphdstory and consider sharing your own Ph.D. story. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via our contact page, send us an email to myphdstory2019@gmail.com, or DM us on Instagram!

We look forward to it!

–Lena and Vaishali

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